Jan-March 2017


Kellee went to Bangkok, Thailand to buy new sound system for the new campus right before we hosted a large event for around 800-1000 people and the governor!  Big thanks to our friend Danny in Bangkok who made it all happen!



Molly’s mom, Sue, and her friend, Marla, stayed with us for two weeks in February.  We spent time in Phnom Penh, Battambang and the beach!

In March, Kellee’s parents and his brother, Kory, stayed with us for two weeks as well.  We showed them around Phnom Penh and spent time in Battambang as well.

Our families have been so loving and supportive and we are so grateful that they continue to come visit!


Molly has stepped in to a new role as the Director over UofN BB Internal Operations.  Our campus in Battambang has several teams that help our base function.  These teams (or Circles) are called Gateway (coordinating visiting teams), Home (food prep for campus meals, maintenance, cleaning), Community Life (focus on times that staff are together, celebrations), and Office (accounting, human resources).  Molly will be working with the leaders of these Circles, helping them develop and think critically.


While Kellee’s dad was in Battambang, they worked together with Kyle (also New Sound staff) to build an isolation booth for the recording studio.  The function of this booth is to keep outside sound from coming in (birds chirping, Cohen playing) and reduce reflected sounds from entering the microphone and affecting the signal.

We’ve already been able to use the booth for several recordings that will come out soon!  Kellee has three songs that are nearing completion and will be released on YouTube as soon as they are ready.

We continue to move forward with our goal being to provide high quality recordings of original Khmer worship songs SO THAT Cambodians can worship and go deeper with God in their heart language!

Below are the first three songs we released late last year.


We are still waiting to receive Cohen’s passport.  The route we tried to take with the passport office has reached a standstill so we are now trying another route with the Department of the Interior.  We brought them a letter over a week ago and just found out that the letter needs some corrections to pass on to the next step.

Every time we try to do something with Cohen’s passport, it requires a 5-6 hour trip to Phnom Penh and overnights in hotels with our two-year old.  There is often not a clear step-by-step process, we often need to make corrections, additions or edit our documents multiple times at multiple levels, so when we hear that another edit is needed, it’s another trip to Phnom Penh.

Please pray for breakthrough in this process.  We know God told us that he needed people to “step into the mess” and love children without families through adoption.  The mess is hard.  The mess sometimes leaves us feeling defeated.  Please pray for perseverance.  We know that God is good.  Right now it’s been so long and we need a win. We are excited for the day that we can visit Iowa as a family.



Kellee will be visiting the US on May 18-28 to be in a friend’s wedding and visit family and supporters.  We hope that he can meet with as many of you as possible!  We will be hosting an open house on one of the nights that he is in Pella.  Details on date and time will come soon.


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